Grow Beyond Hardware

Digitalization and servitization. What about monetization? noito introduces entrepreneurial approaches for growth.

Go beyond feature-based and towards experience-based differentiation

noito's Beyond Hardware services enable organizations at any stage of growth to enrich their portfolio with service and software products, innovate beyond product performance and increase customer engagement and enthusiasm.

Generate new engines of profitable growth

Apply state-of-the-art development approaches to develop and launch new services and software like a startup.

Enhance the differentiation of your offering

Create services that showcase your products, demonstrate superior value, and increase customer engagement.

Create ecosystems based on products and data

Embed and network hardware, services and software in novel business models that generate, consume and monetize data.

Explore what has been possible, again and again

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Innovation cannot be predicted, cannot be measured, and cannot be managed. The best antidote to the uncertainty of innovation is an iterative and incremental entrepreneurial approach that takes in account the entire customer journey.

Beyond Hardware integrates cutting-edge approaches

Agile Service Product Development

Integrate all of noito's Beyond Hardware services into your own project and empower team members to apply cutting-edge entrepreneurial approaches. »

Customer Development Implementation

Implement entrepreneurial approaches that increase the granularity of insights. "Go where the action is" and validate product ideas and assumptions. »

Business Model Development

Evolve internally-consistent, differentiated and desirable business models that embed value propositions of hardware, services and software. »

Value Proposition Design

Craft desirable value propositions for the target segments using visual methods that engage project stakeholders in robust debate. »

Customer Journey Design

Use visual, collaborative methods to map, review and design end-to-end experiences that delight customers. »

Service Blueprinting

Employ graphical methods to map the process flow of a service experience, including everything that happens in the front and back stage. »

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