Working from home is terrible for micromanagement

Published on 18 March 2020 by Isaak Tsalicoglou.

If you are having a bad day...

...imagine how someone is feeling who is a "productivity"-focused, control-freak, task-oriented, "just do it and execute", reporting-happy delegator and a distrustful, high-power-distance micromanager...

...who, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic had gotten used for years and years to squeezing at least 8 (ideally, 10-14) full hours of monitor-able butt-in-seat "productivity" out of every (sacrificial and churn-likely) "human resource" per day...

...and now has to cope with the supreme requirements on trust and also the lack of control of the people working from home...

(Fictional person/archetype, as who could ever combine all those great qualities at once and still be employable in any kind of role requiring leadership...?)


  • It's not about the time you put in; it's about the value you create.
  • Sometimes, more value can be created serendipitously within 5 minutes than within hours and hours of deliberation.
  • There is no "standard hour", especially in knowledge work. Ask any engineer who has come up with a solution while dreaming, showering, taking a walk, or chatting with colleagues.
  • Productivity does not rise forever with increasing working hours.

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