Un-gate your content so that it spreads far and wide


There is currently a frenzy of webinars on offer, but what is their efficacy in terms of market reach?

Why so eager to limit your market reach through unnecessarily synchronous communication and gated access?

Just put your content up on YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, SlideShare, or Scribd, and share a link, instead.

Your viewers will be able to consume, rewind, review, digest and comment on the content when it best suits their schedule.

Webinars (and "white papers" 🙄) requiring sign-up is just sneaky, quid-pro-quo lead generation: in exchange for the hassle of joining a Zoom call or downloading a PDF, you ask me to provide my contact details and hopefully opt-in (thus, you CYA w.r.t GDPR) so that you can then spam me until I unsubscribe.

(If you are "gating" your content to dissuade competitors: they can provide a disposable email address with a fake name. It takes a couple of minutes. I've done it.)

Stop doing a disservice to your potential customers by adopting outdated #marketing practices that never worked well to begin with.

Content has a better chance to go far and wide when it can be shared as a direct link with one or two taps.

Remember that cool YouTube video that you recently shared with friends and colleagues?

Good. Make your content 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 easy to share.

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