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There is currently a frenzy of webinars on offer, but what is their efficacy in terms of market reach?

Can't there be just one single development process for all aspects of a product system?

Whether in phase-gate or Agile development processes, shaping a great product necessitates dealing with requirements.

The phase-gate process isn't as rational as people think. It's all about big-batch decision-making, but gates don't safeguard project quality. How easy is it for your company to "kill" a project? Are projects being given a "go" decision indiscriminately? And what are people telling themselves?

Unnecessary, ill-timed hype is one of the largest root causes of failed Lean initiatives. Have you ever seen Lean initiatives start with a big hype, turn into a bureaucratic process improvement rigmarole, and finally being given up, typically slowly and silently?